Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom and became almost natural part of living in China.

For many people Feng Shui comes naturally and they don’t know anything about it. They are naturally moving things and furniture, designing by their feelings. If something in their room is not feeling good to their eyes, they change it.

Everybody is interested in having a good luck, prosperity, career, love and health in their life. Just with an intention you can create your space in your house to change it. Of course it will not happen from one day to another. We should understand first how these energies flows, how they affect our life and health, and we should learn to be playful with it, so taking it too seriously we are creating more tension as one has some expectations and wants everything in the next moment.


Do you have a clear, what kind of life do you want to live?

What is the quality of your life? Are you happy? Are you healthy?

What do you wish to do?

I give you an example;

You want to improve your relationship. In Feng Shui there is a space for love and relationship. You find and create that space in your house and give it your intention to improve your relationship with the person you wish. I call that space “love corner” and I have there everything in pair, pink colors, hearts, pictures of me and my husband, beautiful sensuous decoration in light colors and rose quartz. Keeping the love corner de-cluttered from unnecessary things and dust, lighted and love-intentioned, the relationship with my husband is peaceful and in harmony. Obviously I put intention also to my health sector where are the emotions and harmony within myself. If I’m not in emotional balance, then I cannot have good relationship with anybody.

Feng Shui is not really based on believing in something, but on experiencing and developing your creativity. The intention here is of great importance. So if you have some bad negative thought while you are creating your space, then you will probably feel them later in some area of your life, because they will manifest in some way. Your house should be as a temple and you shouldn’t give any negative thought to it. All discussions, negative emotions should be thrown away, especially from your bedroom, where you have a space to rest after long rush day.

Didn’t happened to you that you went to the house of your friend, everything was dark, old furniture, no fresh air, clutter and dust everywhere  and you wanted run away? Or on the contrary, you feel so good and fresh in the house of your friend that you would love to spend the rest of your evening there. This is how the Feng Shui works, if the person is negative and has a mess in the mind, the environment of the house will project it in some way. If the person is happy and live healthy positive life, then you can feel the flow of Chi energy of that person’s house and staying longer, you will feel more relaxed and with positive changes in your mind, it can almost automatically heal you absorbing that energy.

Look at the people living in messy, dirty and unorganized house. How they live? Are they happy? Or are they confused, depressed, chaotic?

“Clear your space and you will clear your mind.”


Using the Feng Shui wisdom in your house, garden or business or whenever you spend your time together with others can promote your life in health and prosperity. Just to know how to use the Chi energy, the five elements, like fire, water, metal, wood and earth. These elements have amazing influence to our bodies, emotions and spiritual development. Our bodies are made from these elements. Most of the human body is made up of water, fire helps to the digestion and transform food into energy; earth is almost all the food we eat and digest and also in our bones and teeth, etc.

Five Elements Collection

Many of you feel very relaxed in the beach, so the beach have all the elements; water, earth, fire which is the sun, air – wood and the metal – ether.

These five elements are also used in Chinese medicine or Indian Ayurveda to heal the body and spirit, and keep the body in balance. Tao use five elements sounds to heal the body and each organ is related to one element,( the liver is related to wood element, spleen to the earth element, and so on).


The first thing to start creating the Feng Shui space is to throw away all clutter, unnecessary objects, broken stuff, pictures or objects that make you sad or reminding you bad situations, detach of all that appears negatively for you. Open windows and give to your space more fresh air and light.

“Allow the flow, let go of all atachments”

Do you feel that you have too much of clothes or books that you already read and you are not interested in? You can give it to someone; probably there is somebody who might need it. Is there anything in your space that you don’t like? Probably you should get rid of it. Or it is so expensive and you don’t want to give it away? But because it has so much worth, you don’t want to touch it? Old things are accumulated of bad energies of different kind of people. Sell it, give it to somebody, you will feel more light and fresh, buy new things, positive light color pictures and decoration.

When you empty your space something new and better can enter your life. You cannot fill up full glass of water with clean water, first you have to empty that glass to enter new fresh water.

feng-shui elem

Is the same with people. If you are surrounded by negative people, who are only complaining about everything and don’t like anybody, you should avoid that person or if it is someone from your family or close friends, just tell them you don’t want any more listen to all their negativity, because you are feeling affected by them. Don’t get stuck in the negativity of others, it is not good for your health and progress.

When you have empty space, then you will see new fresh things are entering to your life even without looking for them. You are creating the flow, not only of things, money, but also finding new relationships or better job.

When you want to put intention to different areas of your life, you could gradually create different spaces in your house, garden or center. Don’t do everything in one day, could be exhausting and even shocking, you don’t need to be in hurry, just being enjoying slowly of the process and meditating on it. In one week you can set intention for your love sector corner and experience changes. After you feel you are done in that area, you can set attention in other areas of your life.

What is your priority? Do you have it clear? Write your intention in the paper, clearly with big letters. Is your priority your career? Set intention to the career sector. What do you want to do, what do you want to study? Put some pictures of your idol or people that are already in that career. Or paint yourself doing that. Career sector is a water element, if the water is flowing, your career will be flowing too, successfully. Be creative, you can draw as you have a business card and leave it in that career area.

There are many Feng Shui objects for each area in specialized shops. The Chinese use lot of statues, lucky bamboos, wind chimes, Chinese coins or crystals balls. You can use what you already have, like gemstones, colors, or paintings. The best in Feng Shui is to use your creativity with your intuition and create whatever you have in your mind. Don’t limit yourself.

For fire elements is easy, you use the real fire, candles, fire colors, lava lamp, and probably even real sun shine, because fire element sector is in the south and the sun is just giving to your house light from the south. If you put some pyramids in that area, you will attract that fire element from fiery sun energy. This sector promotes the fame, recognition and respect in your life.